HR Article :- Five Ways to reduce staff resentment when hiring new employees

15 Nov

Most small business owners think of their employees as a family. But there are times when this family feeling is tested, especially when new employees are hired. It’s only human nature for current employees to feel threatened when new employees are brought in: Is my job in jeopardy? Will a new employee be made my superior? Will my salary be reduced? These questions and others are natural and inevitable–although they will seldom be voiced aloud. In today’s Workshop, contributor Jeffrey Moses lists five ways small business owners can help reduce employee anxiety when new hires are announced.

Bob Adams, author of Streetwise: Small Business Start-Up (Adams Media Corporation, 1996) includes the following thoughts about reducing employee resentment when hiring new employees:

1. Communicate with existing employees before hiring takes place. Employees at a small business are often a close-knit group, with most having strong attachment to the company and the company’s management. These employees should be told what positions will be filled, in which department new hires will work and whether supervisory positions are being filled or created. This is the first and most important step in reducing employee resentment.

2. When hiring will directly impact the job description or responsibilities of current employees, they should be assured that their positions are not being undermined or threatened in any way. If an employee has been doing a good job, say so–and make sure that the new hire realizes that the existing employee is a valued member of the team.

3. If youÆre hiring supervisory positions, be sure to make the position available to current employees first. If you don’t give existing employees the chance for advancement, you’ll lose their confidence.

4. When new hires become part of a team or department, give the existing members of the team input into the actual hiring decision.

5. Never simply assume that once a new employee begins working, there will be no added friction within the company. Talk with veteran employees regularly after new hires begin work. Don’t let too much time go by without finding out if employee resentment or anxiety is building.


Pinal Mehta

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