HR Humor :- Why HR ppl sometimes avoid taking Calls…

4 Mar

Confused HR - Pinals Cubicle

Confused HR - Pinal's Cubicle

Have you ever wondered why HR people ignore your calls? It’s because of people like this:

I overhear my receptionist fielding a phone call about a job. I hear her say to the person on the phone “What can I help you with?….I’m sorry the position has been filled…The position is filled…Yes, we’ve filled that position.” At this point my interest has perked because it’s obvious the person is not listening to her.

The receptionist promptly puts the man on hold and comes over to me. She proceeds to tell me that the man has asked if we can send him his resume back. I tell her no. She returns to the phone and tells him we need to keep the resume on file for a year. He proceeds to ask for a copy of it then.

So I pick up the phone and have the following conversation with him:
Me: Hi, can I help you?
Man: The position is filled?
Me: Which position?
Man: The cleaner.
Me: The maintenance position? Yes, we’ve filled that position.
Man: Was that part-time or full-time?
Me: That was a full-time position.
Man: Do you have any other part-time positions?
Me: No we do not currently. It’s rare that we have part-time positions available.
Man: Okay then. ::Hangs up::

Yep, this is what we deal with.



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