Scruples :- Part 1

4 Mar

It had always been said, that views and thoughts differs from people to people, But being a part of the HR Fraternity, there always been view about “What would you do.!!!!”.. Here are some of the most famous scenarios where you are asked what you would do in that situation…. Lets though our Scruples …answer this questions… Please be Fair & Please be Honest…atleast to urself 😉

Its a small pack of 20 Questions and not to burden you with much thought… will send you in parts of 5 Questions each.. Lets put our thinking hat on for this…..



1. You’re at a hotel and conference center. You’ve arrived to your meeting early, and have not have a chance to eat breakfast yet. On your way to your meeting room, you walk by another meeting and there’s a table full of food and beverages outside the room. Your meeting has no food. Would you help yourself?



2. Your manager congratulates you for a brilliant suggestion and hints at a promotion. Your employee gave you the idea. Do you mention this to the manager?



3. You’ve made a verbal agreement with a vendor. A competitor offers you a deal for 50% less. Do you take it the deal?



4. A colleague is out of her office. You notice her paycheck stub on her desk. Do you glance at it?



5. Your manager demands to know what a co-worker is saying behind his/her back. It’s not flattering. Do you tell her?



Happy Thinking,



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