“HR is my Hobby” and the words ran in my thoughts..!!!

5 Sep

Last nite, I had the pleasure to talk to this very talented Management trainee working in a reputed MNC company. Out of our discussion in midst of it, she expressed that for her, “Her work as HR feels like her Hobby”…and then it all started.

The discussion went on for hours where i was on the other side of plank debating about issues that as an HR How can she not feel stressed and exhausted with her work, How that feeling did not get into her, And in the current economic turmoil (which is almost passes, for those who experienced it), how as an HR she feels so free and excited about the work like there is nothing else so exciting to do. We managed to keep debating about stuff where I kept pulling her off on various challenges that are faced from a perspective of a Potential HR in “Generalist” Or any role .We kept contemplating on issues which involved over demanding responsibilites that an HR has to goes through in the current chaotic organization situation. But at the end, what i learnt that how much i was trying to overshadow her work , her initiatives at work, discouraging her efforts and arguing like a nagging colleague, that this all gonna end after few years. However, How much I tried to divert or bend her thoughts for the same, she never budge down for a moment.

I asked her “How can HR be a Hobby…? I have been in this field for so long enough & “Duh..” i can find a million things that I can say about my hobby. But as we counter defensed our stand, She was firm on her end of the ground, I found her standing tall to her belief, to her views and the passion that she showed about her was like unshakeable.

Late nite, After the conversation end and we decided to carry on laters, I felt that during my early days of career, deep down even I had that fire buring in my the deep corners of my conscious and the utter resilience for the passion where my day-to-day work was revolving around people centric efforts, counseling and things where ever i used to look up for the starting a new exciting day at work.

Did it died down due to constant hurdles, unfamiliar deadlines and unachieveable targets set upon us? Did the false commitments, lies made, people playing corporate politics, changed a part of HR in me? Is India really ready for considering HR as a Business partner in success…!!!

Too many questions, General Answers but the road is ahead and I know its gonna be a suprise. Good or Bad I leave it up on time

But today before ending this, the question I wanna ask to peoples of the HR Fathernity(India), that Did that fire died down, or is it just Hibernating ?


Pinal Mehta

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