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Essence of my Personal Solitude

15 Oct

Life is just like a wind, you have no idea when the breeze will blow your life out for good or take you places where you never expected to reach. Chaos lies in the middle of it and at times you always feels that something like chaos needs to keep under check. It runs in your blood, brings the adrenaline gushing down to every corner of the your brainwave, but still it cant help you in your personal solitude. Solitude sometimes take you place like the wind but trust it never takes you where you expect the most. It rages out from the darkest corner of your thoughts and ends up in the corner of the 4-walled area where life roams around at its own pace. For the materialistic world, time moves on the same pace but in solitude times seems to stop by, and the memories that lurks within me.

Its a fight of me against myself, and trust me the war has just begun.

Pinal Mehta